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Should I use an iPod as my DJ?

How important is having a professional entertainer at your wedding?

One of the most essential questions you need to ask yourself is:  how long do I want my guests to stay? 

If you are having a small wedding at home with 10-30 guests and all you need is background music, then an iPod is probably the most cost effective route for you to take. 

If however you are having a larger reception with special songs, dances and moments then having a professional on site coordinating your music is imperative. The DJ and MC control the flow of your day. Timing, presentation and knowing where the ‘VIPs’ are in the room is vital when having a successful wedding. What I mean by ‘VIP’ is parents, grandparents, children, siblings, people that should be in the room to share all of those special moments with you. 

Picking the ‘right’ songs for your wedding is extremely important. Taking a random guess at what your guests are going to enjoy in that exact moment is near to impossible. 

DJs are trained to read the crowd, and determine what kind of music will go well at that moment. For example, Don’t Stop Believing is a crowd favourite, but it will go over much better near to the end of the night, than if it were to be played at the beginning of your reception. 

Professional DJs have professional equipment. Although you could go out and rent equipment for your iPod, your familiarity level to that sound equipment might not be vast. When you hire a professional they will handle set up and take down of all equipment and they know the sound equipment inside and out. 

Finally, did you know that if your event is happening anywhere other than a private home you must have a copyright licence to play music? 

A professional DJ will bring the industry knowledge and professional energy you want to have to keep your guests dancing and partying all night long.